Carry Condoms The Chanel Way!
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 12th of August 2013 05:47:28 PM

Last week I saw some cute black metal boxes with white Chanel lettering filled with mints, for sale at Colette in Paris, which I thought would also be cool to carry condoms in. But today I saw something way, WAY cooler, on the Facebook page of my friend, former top model and now creative consultant at Dolce & Gabbana, Marpessa Hennink. On the photo you see a pair of quilted, high heeled boots with the typical read Chanel lining, featuirng a small pouch. "Perfect for condoms!", I mailed to Marpessa, who answered: "Bingo Ninette, that's what Karl meant when he gave them to me!". Imagine going clubbing wearing these boots, bringing home the man of your dreams and whipping out a condom from inside your boots at the moment suprème.... OK, getting a bit too carried away right now. I love Chanel and the creative genius that is Karl Lagerfeld -and I love them even more now. The hunt for those boots is ON!
Photo by Miss Monde 

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