Christian Jessen: Trying To Become Straight To Fight Homophobia
Author: M. G.
Friday 24th of January 2014 03:55:39 PM

Dr Christian Jessen will try to become straight. The British TV doctor, who is openly gay, is going to test several therapies aimed at curing homosexuality as part of a new Channel 4 documentary series, Cure Me, I'm Gay. Yes, such kind of therapies exist and there are also homosexuals that go – or are forced to go - to doctors asking to be cured for being gay.

This particular kind of treatments have included practices like electric shock, hypnosis, trips to brothels, inducing nausea while exposed to homoerotic material, exorcisms and so on. What are the latest advances in this experimental field? We’re all looking forward to see.

Homophobia - a belief that states that homosexuality is wrong and it’s something to be eradicated from an individual’s nature - is the main reason for these therapies to exists.

‘The fact this series has been commissioned is great – but not for the reasons people may think. If done correctly, it will prove that trying to change a person’s sexuality is futile,' Jessen said. This is so true, especially if you think that homosexuality always existed in nature.

Humans aren’t the only living creatures that can have homosexual behaviours. You can find examples of gay swans, gay monkeys, gay dogs and so on. The peculiarity of humans is that they are the only animal on this planet that developed a feeling of hostility towards homosexuals and therefore can behave in order to ‘contrast’ them. It makes more sense asking ‘Why do homophobic individuals exist?’ rather than understand why gay people are gay. From this point of view homophobia is more likely to be the disorder to be cured rather than homosexuality.

We hope this show can open the eyes of many: on one side the victims of homophobia, so that they can understand a bit more the way homophobia work. On the other side, the experiment will show the oddness of treatments for 'curing' homosexuality, proving that they are founded more on social belief and prejudice rather than on a actual scientific knowledge.

Great job Dr Jessen. Good luck from DAA.

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