Condom = Deadly Weapon?
Author: Indra Moonen
Thursday 7th of March 2013 04:23:01 PM

The police of New York City are taking their job a bit too seriously if you ask me. They are supposed to arrest sex workers, but apparently, all women who are wearing short dresses and carry a condom on them are seen as sex workers. So ladies of NYC, you should all wear long pants and have unprotected sex so you don’t get arrested. This is absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me. All women have the right to dress however they want and they definitely have the right to protect themselves! And what’s even worse is the fact that real sex workers are now forced to have sex without condoms too. Because, obviously, they don’t want to get arrested either, so they don’t carry around condoms anymore.   


The police of NYC say that the amount of sex workers will decline when they arrest these women, or when they confiscate their condoms. But a lot of women whose condoms were taken still had sex later that night, only without a condom.  And as you all will know, this isn’t only dangerous for these sex workers but also for the men who have sex with them.


I think this is one of the worst initiatives of the police of NYC to date and they should definitely rethink this action, the sooner the better!  


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