Condoms Come To You
Author: Elias Bosteels
Thursday 7th of February 2013 11:53:58 AM


Imagine the following scenario: you have a date with a beautiful girl. And everything goes very, very well. You start kissing, first slowly and graduatly more and more passionately. You feel the hands of your date moving over your body, caressing you. You become more and more excited. You take your shirt off and start unbuttoning the shirt of your partner.This feels perfect, this is your dream coming true. The two of you lay down and "passionate" isn't even an adequate enough term for the description of this scene.


But then... "Do you have a condom?" Your mind races, do I have one? Where can I get one? Don't let this night be a waste because you forgot one.


Soon it will be possible to solve this situation with a new app called 'SOS Condom'.


SOS Condom is a speed-delivery service that will bring you a condom in situations of dire need - and even better, it will be given to you discreetly.

For now it is only available in Dubai, but if the app gets enough likes from your country it will be determined where there is the most interest and the app will come to your country too.


Watch this funny commercial to really convince you!


And of course 'like'!




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