DAA Blew Up At PIAS Label Nites
Author: Elias Bosteels
Tuesday 19th of February 2013 10:20:12 AM


Remember when we talked about PIAS nites a while back? Well, team DAA was in "da house" this weekend! This indoor festival in Brussels was a perfect place to promote safe sex – because well, it’s still a festival and we know how hot it can get in there – and of course to party.

So me, Elias and Nikola went on the journey using Elias’ car packed with condoms, posters, a pump and balloons. Balloons, you ask? Yes, our team got creative: we put all our efforts into making giant balloons with slogans like ‘ WRAP IT UP’ and ‘BANG IT SAFELY’ so they would get passed around during the shows and the slogans would be visible for all the world to see. And what a great success it was! We arrived with our VIP entrance bracelet  - never before have I felt SO special – and  3 balloons up in the air. We had to defend these with our life though, since it caught the eyes of the festival crowd from the moment we walked in. I can’t count the moments where I had to run after a guy going ‘No! No! We still need those!’ – I must’ve looked pretty amusing. The moment they went up in the air and got bounced around in the pretty, colorful lights of the stage was a huge satisfaction for all of us. It looked quite magical actually. But it wasn’t over yet just bouncing balloons about, oh no. Me and Elias went all guerilla with the posters and covered all available doors and walls with our awesome designs. During the process we got a lot of people to stop and stare and give us a nod of approval when they saw the message. How I love a festival crowd! Of course the weekend couldn’t end without giving out a ‘few’ condoms to random people. Some people even came back again to get some more.

Although it was a tiring experience it was mainly a lot of fun and and very rewarding to do.

More pictures will come online very soon.


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