DAA Helps LGBT And Other Refugees- Would You Like To Help Too?
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 26th of August 2015 08:57:52 PM

Millions of refugees are fleeing their home countries because their religious beliefs, sexual orientation and/or race are not accepted by their communities and they are threatened with violence, or often even death. We can't just sit by and watch- we have to DO something for these people, as most of them were just born at the wrong place at the wrong time and this could just as well have happened to us. It's not their fault that they're in this horrible situation.

For those p
eople who live in Belgium and the south of Holland: do you have warm clothes and shoes, blankets (winter is coming and many refugees spend the night in the street or in a tent), sheets and hygiene products in good condition for adults (also for men!) and /or for children that you would like to donate for the refugees in Calais and elsewhere? Please let us know and spread the word. We're organising regular transport from Antwerp (Deurne) to wherever the goods are needed most. Contact us with any questions you may have via our dedicated Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/helpfortherefugees and please tell your friends about this project as well.
For all others out there: please like and share our new Facebook page with your friends

https://www.facebook.com/helpfortherefugees and if you have the time and the inclination, start up your own project locally and help people who are worse off than you, together with your friends. And believe us: there are many- of both kinds of people. Thank you!

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