DAA - The Documentary
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 25th of March 2011 05:54:53 PM

Students of the Plantijn Hogeschool here in Antwerp made a wonderful documentary about us, the cause we stand for and the way we work. They have followed us for quite a while and this is the amazing result. You'll learn how useful a condom can be, what DAA stands for exactly, how our education center works and you get a visual guided tour of the DAA headquarters and the education center. The documentary was made by Lennart Deelstra, Jons Luyckx, Charis Poppe, Ruben van den Heuvel and Ruby van der Kooij. Other credits go to Charlotte Verplancke, Soetkin Loncke, Florian Mertens, Nathalie Quartier, Stevie Jacobs, Sandra Deakin, Kristoff Martens, the EMI-team of Plantijn Hogeschool, Jo van Doninck, Merdan Taplak, Dirk Swartenbroeckx, Marianne Nerinckx and James Chau. Music by Netsky and Tommy Dorsey His Orchestra. Images provided by Koninklijke Hogeschool Limburg and Fashion Against Aids. Special thanks to our first IHAEC students Joey Ceunen, Evelien Gerené and Ibrahim Moumouh!

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