Eco friendly condoms
Author: Matti Vissers
Friday 22nd of June 2012 04:00:14 PM

Making love just got eco-friendly thanks to LovePack Condoms! These condoms are made of rubber from sustainable forests and are produced in a climate-neutral way.

The latex, the core-product of condoms, comes from the New Ambadi Plantation in Tamil Nadu (South India). Their rubber trees are being handled in a sustainable and durable way. The plantation is FSC certified and gives its own employees and the local villagers training about handling the environment with care. The environmental friendly extraction of latex in this area makes the natural vegetation flourish again and animals that have disappeared are returning.

Fair Deal Trading Partnership is a German organization which had set up the first European Fair Trade supply chain for Latex. The organization monitors the quality of this high quality latex, the working conditions of plantation workers, the Fair Trade premium payments and provides the logistics. Sales of Fair Trade Condoms Love Pack gives the rubber tappers in India higher wages and better working conditions.

So by using these LovePack eco condoms you're being responsible in 3 different ways: safe sex, a faire wage for plantation employees and attention for the environment.



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