Fight Aids Together
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 28th of April 2010 12:40:04 PM

Another winner of our Talenthouse competition is Saima Altunkaya.

She is a German photographer who really likes the concept of DAA, one of the main reasons why she competed in the contest.


This is what she says herself:
"Young people needs idols/heros. It has always been and it will always be. They are very much influenced by fashion and music. Fashion and music are the strongest communication media to get the attention of young people and it's our responsibility to lead them in a good way.

For the image I have chosen different kind of models, to be able to speak to many kinds of people. The image is inspired by campaigns for a young fashion brands.
The difference is the attitude of the models. As your association is against AIDS, I wanted the models to look strong and decisive, ready to fight. I have also chosen a whole group of models, as young people like to be in groups in general. They are all holding hands, which is a sign of unity. Together they are fighting AIDS.
The picture has been shoot in Paris in the only quarter, which is not typically Paris: I have chosen a neutral city background, it could be taken in any city all over the world. AIDS is everywhere, but especially prevalent in big cities. "




Saima Altunkaya, Ilanga van Throo, Volker Gehr

Saima Altunkaya


Constance Feral

Technical support
Studio Lacen Paris



Armand Fauquet / Artlist Paris

Make up

Megumi Itano / Calliste Paris



Michelle van H. (Next Paris)
Djinda (Mademoiselle Paris)
Camille (Chrystal Paris)
Thomas de O. (Newmadison Paris)
Frederic Lalurette (Newmadison Paris)
Benjamin (Angels Paris)
Clement (Angels Paris)



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