Fist Bumps For Equal Rights
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Wednesday 16th of July 2014 03:42:10 PM

Do you remember the picture of Barack Obama's fist bumping with his wife which he shared during the election in 2008? Now another picture of Obama's bumping technique is spreading all over the Internet. After his speech in Austin, the president stopped at Franklin Barbecue for a nice snack. When he skipped the line and aprroached the counter, part-time cashier, comedian and musician Daniel Rugg Webb seized his chance to speak to president. Webb slapped the counter dramatically with the words: "Equal rights for gay people!" "Are you gay?" asked Obama. Daniel answered with a deadpan "Only when I have sex." Webb's response made Obama laugh out loud and he said: "Bump me!"

Photo by: dougmillsnyt/Twitter

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