Friendly Croatia!
Author: Mirela Cosic
Wednesday 2nd of April 2014 03:57:15 PM

As we all know Croatia is a very catholic country. And there have been some difficulties in the past considering LGBT. But they are making progress. Even though there is still a lot of silent discrimination, just the same as in other countries, Croatia now has six laws that protect LGBT people from overt discrimination. For example: homophobia is strongly forbidden, you could get imprisoned for up to 3 years by ‘The Penalty code’. The labour law makes sure that a LGBT person cannot get fired because of his/her sexuality. Then there is the ‘Gender equality law’, this basically means that, quote: ‘Any discrimination based on marriage or family status, or sexual orientation is forbidden.’ There is also a law that says that you cannot be expelled from college or university if you’re LGBT, the Science and Higher Education Law. The Media law makes sure that LGBT people cannot be discriminated in media. And last but not least the ‘Same Sex Partnership law’ which allows same-sex partners to divide their property after they break up.

As I already mentioned, Croatia is making progress. In 2008 they started a project called ‘Friendly Croatia’. This is an online gay guide made by Kruno Pekas. Kruno’s goal was to make Croatia more gay friendly and to promote these specific places. On this website you can find all kinds of gay friendly destinations and activities along the Adriatic coast, but also in the midland. Want to discover more? Do not hesitate to visit Greetings from a Croatian girl!


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