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Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 29th of January 2014 01:15:32 PM

Innovative thinking of the Dutch, I have to admit. Wingman condoms, a company originated in Delft (Netherlands) is the proud winner of one of the iF product design awards for their new condom line. Why? Because it’s brilliant. They used  a ‘help piece’ that looks like wings which makes it possible for you to apply the condom with one hand, without even touching it. Want to learn? Check out this video.  They also made the condoms thinner, supposedly increasing the feeling. Winning this award is like winning the Oscars for product design and next to names like Nokia, Apple and Philips, Wingman are rightfully proud to be the first condom line to gain a place on this list. My opinion on the design? It looks great and easy to use. Then again, it ‘s a commercial video so I would have to try it for myself to find out. Maybe I should do a review on this one? For anyone who is interested, the condoms are only for sale in Belgium and the Netherlands for now, but Wingman are planning to take over the world with this condom so maybe you can find it soon in the store around the corner. What does Wingman say to you? Would you use it?

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