HIV+ Transsexual Jared Leto Won The Oscar
Author: M. G.
Monday 3rd of March 2014 12:02:30 PM

Jared Leto won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor thanks the role he played in ‘Dallas Buyers Club', a movie we have followed and loved from the very beginning some days before it was presented last September at the Toronto Film Festival.

I think that you can find the main reason of this success in the words Leto used in his acceptance speech. "This is for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS and to those of you out there who have ever felt injustice because of who you are or who you love, tonight I stand here in front of the world for you".

We are living in a time of crisis and we're seeing that the main consequences of it are being paid, harder and harder, by the weakest, by those that are victim of prejudice because of their health status, race or gender. We hope that honoring the figure of a HIV+ transsexual can open the eyes of those people who still think that ‘different' means ‘wrong'. We are not simply talking about the latest homophobic wave happening in many different countries around the world: what's important to understand is that we will always meet people who are different from ourselves and especially from what we think is normal. The point is quite banal but there's still need to repeat that there is no normal when it comes to people. Normality it's just an idea, an abstraction: even if there's nothing less real than ‘normal', many still act accordingly with a blind belief in normality. A drug user, a sex worker, ...those are humans to understand and to help, not people to blame. Pointing fingers against ‘the abnormal' is more an excuse to cover our own weaknesses and faults rather than a way to make a better world. Who claims the pursuit of peace and order refusing the exceptions is just a liar or stupid.

By the way, we are also proud to mention the victory for the Best Foreign Language Movie of the Italian ‘The Great Beauty', about which we already talked too, after its success at the Golden Globes together with ‘Dallas Buyers Club'.

Happy Oscars guys, enjoy, you deserve it!


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