How Infectious Diseases Shape Art and Culture
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 25th of April 2010 12:40:10 PM

In Braunschweig (Germany) they know how to combine fashion with a cause: every second month ‘Moonlight Shopping’ is being organised: on that Saturday, stores are open until midnight.

‘Moonlight Shopping’  always has a motto, which in March was ‘Science Shopping’ and the ‘Helmholtz Center for Infection Research’ was one of the organisations having a poster exhibition during this event, called ‘Art & diseases – how infectious diseases often shape art’.

The organisations had various booths, with one of them showing how AIDS has shaped our culture  and art from the 80’s up until now and a spot was also reserved for our ‘Fashion against Aids’ posters.

This shows that art, fashion and science can go hand in hand when it comes to telling people about serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS.  DAA’s new tagline ‘Using pop culture to create a better world’ has become more true than ever today.

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