It's A Miracle! Is It Really?
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 4th of March 2013 04:15:35 PM

The big news today is the child in the US that has been 'miraculously' cured of HIV. Can we put this in perspective please? So far, only two persons among more than 30 million people infected with the HIV virus have been cured: this child and a sero-positive man who had several stem cell transplants in Berlin a few years back.

They don't know (yet?) how the HIV virus has disappeared from the blood of the child, so there are no useful lessons for the future to be learned there, as far as other patients go. And a stem cell transplant seems a little bit too hardcore for everyday use in case you get infected with HIV. Just be smart and use a condom. Prevention is the only 'cure'.

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