James Bond's Assistant Gets His Gay Marriage
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 6th of August 2013 12:44:43 PM

Yesterday I saw that one of my Facebook friend posted on her wall the news that Ben Wishaw, the British actor who played the role of Q in 007-Skyfall,  just got married with his partner, the Australian composer Mark Bradshaw. My friend’s comment was “He is the only one happy now”, as if to say “Why are you so cute, good and talented and gay and married?!”. I can understand her feeling but, since I am a romantic, for me it’s so comforting to see these happy endings.

Plus, in moments when the gay issues are radicalized like during these last months (Russia, don’t be a dickhead), we also really need to receive this kind of good news.




After having played the role of Q in Skyfall, Wishaw was able to reach a worldwide notoriety. Nonetheless, this recent achievement has been just another step in an already brilliant career. Wishaw had worked with big names of the big screen like Academy Winner directors and actors like Jane Campion and Judy Dench, and has also taken part in the ex-Monty Python Terry Gilliam’s film “The Zero Theory” which is going to open 2013 edition of Venice Cinema Festival. This guy is pretty used to big projects and, most important, good quality ones.




This is why today I want to share a short movie by Dylan and Blake Ritson, with Wishaw as a protagonist. “Love Hate”’s plot is easy and brilliant: a man falls in love with a woman who actually is the personification of his hate. Deep and extremely true meanings, even though the situation is surreal. I hope you enjoy -and please try not fall in love with sweet Ben, he’s not available anymore.









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