Legalize Prostitution And Let’s Be More Tolerant
Author: Dita Amalia
Monday 4th of May 2015 11:12:26 AM

Since it is known that nowadays social media has been used by prostitutes to negotiate and doing transactions for their work, the Governor of Jakarta Mr. Ahok assigned the idea to legalize prostitution in Jakarta, as well as manage a place which should specialize in prostitution activities. By this idea, Mr. Ahok hopes that it will help the government to facilitate the control of HIV/AIDS.


This idea of course has pros and cons in society, even among the government. This idea has frightened Indonesian society a bit, since sex is still such a taboo. According to Mr. Djarot, the vice governor of Jakarta as well as the chairman of the prevention commission of HIV/AIDS, people should be wary of the impact of prostitution itself, such as spreading the HIV virus. Because of the fact that some people have a different sexual orientation, the sexual needs of each person are different too. It’s unfortunate that people are still not very open -or at least a bit more broadminded- regarding this issue, while in fact they should be more aware and accept the reality of life. What people really need right now is tolerance, not blaming each other of whatever happens. Because when you tolerate others, you will help them in a way that can create more comfort in life. And also, keeping prostitution in the dark can only have dark results as well. Visit for more stories

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