Meeting Balinese superstar Nanoe Biroe
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 16th of May 2013 02:58:58 AM

Update: Nanoe said yes and will perform at the launch of our Bali against AIDS website next week!

As many of our readers know, we're in Bali right now preparing the new website Bali against AIDS, together with local youth. The website, that will be in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, informs young people about the importance of safe sex and getting tested in the way we also use on the website that you're reading right now:  a fun way, using tons of pop culture.

When researching local pop culture in Bali, I found an interview with Nanoe Biroe and I was intrigued, as he already did a lot of promotion for HIV prevention- he even wrote a song about it, Silent Killer. Check it out on Youtube, as the video is really funny and cool:

Nanoe is very socially aware and involved in a movement that wants to make Bali a better and more fair place for young people, so when we visited him in his shop Urock in Denpasar last night, there was an immediate click- even though we speak different languages, the language of compassion, love and respect is universal!

We plan to launch the Bali against AIDS website later this month and we hope that Nanoe will be part of that event- and there's a big chance that he will. This would be great, since many young people in Bali really look up to him, so if he supports our website, they will get the information they need, in a way that they appreciate.

Keep coming back here to see what will happen next and...terima kasih already to Nanoe!

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