Miss Katinka Will Whip Your Ass If You Don't Use It
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 21st of May 2013 03:09:21 PM


DAA at the Belgian Pride 2013 was a success. Really, we couldn’t expect more. I enjoyed myself so much, like everybody else there. Plus, we were giving a show, you know. The DAA team was empowered by the presence of our new testimonial: KATINKA. She is, and she totally looks like, a bad**s , a whip included – and of course she uses her bad ass powers to fight HIV with us -. To make that message clear to our fellow Gay priders, we had a sign with us that said  “Don’t get her angry, use a CONDOM”. During our 3-hours-long catwalk in Brussels, everybody was looking at us and many asked to have a picture with her. -And it is quite  an accomplishment to stick out at the gay pride, since we were surrounded by colourful people, dragqueens and … Zombies (not kidding).- But apparently our Katinka was quite loved. And not only her, also our (quite controversial) flyers from the “Don’t be a d***head” campaign made an impression on the crowd! Some couldn’t really handle the message and gazed in shock, others absolutely loved them and we saw a lot of them take out their smartphone and instagram the hell out of them!  Both reactions were fantastic for us though because we can certainly say that the flyers had sent the right message! We threw all our enthousiasm – as you can see in the pictures – out there, which made that we were  completely exhausted by the end of the parade, but also absolutely satisfied because we got the chance to show our message the DAA-way – creative and fun – and I’m pretty sure we gave the crowd something to think about.










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