Naked Wrestlers In Colored Jelly Promote HIV Testing
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 4th of December 2013 12:31:54 PM

The Swedish organization RFSL Gotheborg is promoting an unconventional HIV/AIDS campaign to encourage LGBT people in getting HIV tests. The organization decided to use the strategy of the viral video and I think they had quite a good idea. Viral videos are nice because they usually don't need a real reason to be the way they are, they just have to catch your attention. Hence RFSL simply decided to show naked wrestlers fighting with each other after being covered in coloured jelly. This idea worked pretty well since now you can find this spot also on the Huffington post website.

I can't say that this is the best way to raise the interest in the lesbian community, but I think that it works pretty well with gays. I must say that I find it pretty nice, actually I just love it and I'm surely not the only one. It's a bit kinky and also really funny because it mocks the drama and pathos of the main wrestling tournaments in America. Plus the website of the campaign is really useful if you need to find clinics in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg, the cities where you can get tested.

I'm still not sure whether this kind of campaign can be really effective to prevent the spread of HIV, but I don't know much about Sweden and Swedish people. I've never been to this country but I experienced it already in some ways - my sofa ‘Ektorp' by IKEA isn't the only Swedish thing in my life.

My father works for Tetrapak since when I was a child and I always had the impression he was not working for a regular company, not at all. I remember for instance that he took some weird and adventurous team-building trips, where he and his colleagues had to drive a dog-sleigh, or sleeping in the marshes in Florida near the caymans.

Then, this year at DAA, I also met Tova, our former EVS intern from Sweden. She spent last spring in Antwerp and we met many times, so we also became friends. I really like her because she is a super sweet and super straightforward person and I also had the impression that this is something typical for Swedish people.

So, who is joining me for a trip to Sweden? And who can give me the number of some of the ‘actors' of the spot? Thank you very much!


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