New HIV Infections In Bali Rise With 50% in 3 Years- Almost 80% Through Heterosexual Contact
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 27th of July 2015 05:51:04 PM

The Bali Post reports on July 27 that new cases of HIV/AIDS in Bali continue to grow at an alarming rate, with between 180-200 new infections recorded in the month of May 2015. 

The head of Bali’s Health Department, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, revealed that in 2013, an average 120-150 new cases of HIV/AIDS were reported each month. In 2014, the average already increased to 150-180 and is now, in 2015, averaging 180-200 cases per month.  This represents a 50% increase in new cases of the disease in the space of just three years.

The government continues to try to educate the public on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, especially among drug users and the younger generation. Surjaya urges the public to avoid unprotected sex with high-risk groups and the dangers of sharing needles for users of intravenous narcotics.

Bali’s top official also urges people to take advantage of free anonymous screening, so that life-saving drug treatment can commence as soon as possible. He stressed that HIV screening for pregnant women is very important to prevent children being born with HIV/AIDS.

Surjaya said that at the moment many people from other areas of Indonesia suffering from HIV/AIDS are migrating to Bali to take advantage of the Island’s superior testing and counseling programs.

The Provincial Health Department data show that 78.7% of HIV/AIDS cases in Bali are the result of heterosexual contact, 7.6% from homosexual contact and 6.9% from intravenous drug use. The remainder of infections is from indeterminate causes.

Designers against AIDS founded Bali against AIDS in 2011 becasue we wanted to educate Bali's youth and give them the correct information about HIV, AIDS and getting tested and last year expanded the program to the rest of Indonesia too, as part of the program 'Asia Against AIDS-Back To Zero'. Please visit our website   ,our Facebook page and/or check our Twitter handle AsiaAgainstAIDS for information and updates. Protect yourself and the people you love- use a condom and get tested regularly. Together we can end AIDS!

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