Nid & Sancy made the final in H&M’s Battle of the Bands!
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 3rd of May 2010 04:10:02 PM

H&M launched a contest to find the band who will perform at the H&M Fashion Against AIDS NYC launch party on May 19,2010.

To enter the H&M Battle of the Bands contest, bands had to upload at least one video of them playing an original song.


People were able to vote for their favourite bands on this website.
The ten highest rated bands will now be reviewed by a panel of H&M judges. The winning band will perform live at the Fashion against AIDS launch party.


One of the contestants is our very own electropunk duo: Nid and Sancy! They entered the contest with their video Kidzz.
When Nid and Sancy win, Hannelore Knuts (face of DAA and currently living in NYC) will be doing a special performance with the band at the Fashion against AIDS launch party in New York on May 19th!


The winner will be announced on May 11th, so let's keep our fingers crossed...


Hannelore Knuts

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