No Bareback In Bali
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013 06:43:53 PM


Bali is in the midst of HIV/ AIDS epidemic- rates of infections are increasing at alarming levels. In 2012 there are over 6,700 with HIV positive patients in Bali. 18% of tested gay men or men engaging sex with men (MSM) in Bali are HIV positive. If you are engaging in penetrative sex, whether with men or woman, it is important to stay safe and keep Bali safe.


Please, keep a rubber on it - If you are concerned about your HIV status or need further information on HIV/AIDS in Bali, please contact:


Bali peduli - Phone: 081 117 6873 / 081 239 314 25 / E-mail:

Gaya Dewata Bali - Hotline: (0361) 788 7400


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