Our Superheroes Against AIDS Are Conquering Cyberspace
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 7th of December 2012 03:56:16 PM

During the current workshop at our education center our students have prepared a safe sex online quiz and free Facebook app called 'Superheroes against AIDS' in English, Flemish and Dutch that was ready just in time for World AIDS Day 2012 and that's now spreading like wildfire all over the internet! You can see & play it here:  http://apps.facebook.com/superheroesagainst/

Only today we learned that our friends at Durex have now put our new Superheroes app on the News page on the website of their 1Share1Condom website, a project where people on social media (Twitter and Facebook) can RT safe sex messages and facts about HIV/AIDS and as a reward, Durex donates a free condom for each RT! Results so far: 2.253.816 condoms and they're going for 2.5 million! Visit www.1share1condom.com and see how you can help, or follow them on Twitter  @1Share1Condom  

And talking about Superheroes against AIDS... why not create your own superhero, upload it to Facebook and win great prizes? Go to Superheroes against AIDS on Facebook, choose your language (English, French or Dutch) and get creative with your camera, photoshop or pen!

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