Please Help Build The Paul Latourell HIV/AIDS Clinic In Bali
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 2nd of November 2015 03:11:34 PM

A crowd funding project has been launched to raise an estimated US$20,000 needed to renovate a private residence in central Denpasar, Bali into a fully-fledged free HIV testing, counseling and treatment center.

The proposed Bali Peduli Clici at the Paul Latourell Health Center will be operated from the former home of American expatriate Paul Latourell who was brutally murdered on February 15, 2104.

A long time resident in Bali and a former HIV/AIDS activist and educator, Paul Latourell was a driving force in Bali’s rainbow community. Working with dedicated Indonesian medical professionals and members of the LGBT community, Paul was instrumental in helping to establish theBali Peduli Clinic in Kuta and was a defining voice in the struggle to secure free retroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS patients in Indonesia.

The Bali Peduli Clinic in Kuta has filled an important need in the local community to the extent that demand for its services are now approaching the delivery capacity limits of the facility and its staff.

After Paul’s death, his family in California very generously donated the remaining 9 years of his leasehold on his Denpasar home to Bali Peduli in the hope that a future clinic would be established in Paul’s memory.

Those supporting the drive believe that Paul’s former Bali home and the scene of his murder should fittingly  be transformed into a place of caring and humanity, two traits that so generously exemplified by Latourell’s life

The initiative* was launched by Bali-based businessman and personal friend of Latourell, Andrew de Jong.


*Go Fund Me 
allows donations of any amount to be committed to this project and tracked over the course of the entire funding campaign. Click on this link if you want to help:

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