Pope Of Trash John Waters Says Hetero Porn Is Obscene
Author: M. G.
Friday 8th of November 2013 06:47:26 PM

John Waters is one of the most controversial film directors that ever walked on this planet. This is not an exaggeration, it's just reality. Nicknamed 'The Pope of Trash' or 'The Prince of Puke', Waters' films have dealt from the very beginning with themes like cannibalism, rape, child abuse, coprophagia and castration. Shocking? I hope so, as this is the 66 year old film director's 'good natured' attempt to shock the audience through completely unrealistic, funny and sick stories. "In the early days censors made my career. I made my career on negative reviews. Though the scariest was the censor board here in the UK." Waters told BBC's Radio 3: "They said [of Pink Flamingos] 'We don't know how to deal with intentional bad taste.'"

Filmmaking gives you the chance of representing the world in any way you want, even in the sickest way you could image. Still, this is not an excuse to avoid issues like what's right and what's wrong and Waters is very keen in saying that in his films sexual abuse is always punished and the good ones always win. It's like in any other mainstream Hollywood movie, except for the detail that redemption often occurs through a bloodbath or an orgy.

What makes Waters angry is the stupidity of people: annoying old ladies, superficial high school professors, sex maniac teenagers and so on, especially if living behind the curtain of the typical happy American family. These 'stupid' people are those that are systematically and brutally killed by Beverly Sutphin, the protagonist of Serial Mom (1993), the first Waters' movie I've ever seen. A normal American housewife all of a sudden just goes nuts and start killing people for the sake of her family and neighbourhood. What's disturbing is not the funny and trashy way Waters depicted the story, but the fact that the film was actually inspired by a true fact of crime.

This is why you should worry if somebody like Waters is concerned about the treatment of women in the heterosexual porn industry: "Someone said 'It's not making love, it's making hate' [...] I think in gay porn you can tell they're both in on it. In some of the hetero porn [with] the [treatment of] women you cannot tell. But that is the limits of free speech we have to put up with." There's a difference between being sick and violent to shock people and doing the same to arise people's libido.


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