Safe Sex? There's An App For That
Author: M. G.
Friday 14th of June 2013 02:59:48 PM

Do you have the feeling that you don't know enough about contraception or which one is perfect for you? In this era, we are lucky that we don't have to go to the library and stick our nose into books or go to the pharmacist to get some answers.... Now we have the wondrous world of internet . I just looked up ‘safe sex' in the Apple Appstore and came directly to an app that was willing to tell me all about safe sex methods. So for all of you readers with their eyes glued to their smartphones (I have to admit, I might be one of them... ), I would take a look. It never hurts to inform yourself, especially not when we're talking about your health. I can give you a spoiler though, if ever in doubt: condoms are the easiest way out (or in... ). Check the app here!

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