Save Yourself, Save The World
Author: Dita Amalia
Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 08:34:21 AM

There is always a beginning and ending and the same is true for our lovely planet earth.  But nobody wants the end of the world, because we’re afraid to face it. Then what should we do? In my opinion, we should start to appreciate our planet, by stop doing something that affects the harmony of the earth.


Do you know that birth control can destroy the planet? Know anyone who’s on the pill? They're also spreading pregnancy prevention hormones to marine wildlife and that’s a problem. A study results from researchers at the University of New Brunswick looking for wastewater treatment and its impact on freshwater ecosystems and they found that even trace amounts of estrogen (one of the active ingredients in birth control pills and hormone therapy treatments) in the environment can wipe out entire species. Which can lead to a complete crash of the ecosystem.


There are (at least) two options: use birth control pills or condoms. Since we know that birth control has a bad impact on our planet -and in some cases on a woman’s body too-, why don’t we use the other option in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening? Using condoms not only prevents pregnancy but also prevents us from getting infected with the HIV virus. In other words, you can save yourself while saving the world!



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