Shakira And Rihanna: The Sad Story Of Bed Memories
Author: M. G.
Friday 31st of January 2014 03:53:16 PM

'Can't Remember To Forget You', the new song by Shakira - soon part of the team of The Voice US again - has as super guest: our beloved Rihanna. The song is about their experience with a really bad guy who seems to be like the H Bomb in bed:

"Oh here we go / you part of me now / you part of me / So where you go I follow, follow, follow"

No matter how amazing this guy is under the sheets, Shakira and Rihanna know that they should better forget him, but there's just a big problem: they can't remember to do just that. Shakira said she also left a note on her bedpost, but the idea didn't work! Damn! This guy simply drove them crazy and the two poor souls have to admit they have quite an issue with their memory:

"I go back again / Fall off the train / Land in his bed / Repeat yesterday's mistakes / What I'm trying to say is not to forget / You see only the good, selective memory "

What to do?! In the song's video you see Shakira and Rihanna discussing the problem in bed, while having a Sapphic soft porn training session, or cleaning the walls of their hallway with their butts. I am pretty sure that kind of brainstorm will lead to some solutions:

"The way he makes me feel like / The way he makes me feel / I never seemed to act so stupid"

Girls, accept this piece of advice from DAA: do whatever you want with this guy, especially if you have fun, don't be ashamed and don't feel stupid... The only thing you really can't forget to do - and you forgot to say that in the song - is to use a rubber! Especially if you have the feeling the guy is not OK. Come on! Other than that, team DAA wishes you all a lot of fun this weekend.... Oh, oh, oooh, oh! Oh, oh, oooh, oh .... !


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