Sioen Supports Bali Against Aids!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 8th of July 2013 02:05:35 PM

Sioen, Belgian singer-songwriter and DAA lover, said it right in his tweet for Designers Against Aids: ‘@_DAA ‘For your love and for the ones you love, for Bali, for sea, for safe sex and sun, support #Designers Against Aids’ ‘


This tweet was influenced by the concert he did in Bali recently and it seems he loves the island of the Gods just as much as we do.  For all you out there who don’t remember: we did our first international workshop there this year, where we educated two volunteers on how to do safe sex education the DAA way – creative and fun – and where we launched a new website, We are also proud to say that one of these volunteers, namely Ratna, has become a colleague and is now leading Bali Against Aids in Indonesia. For more information about our Bali initiative check out this article in  Bali Discovery. And last but not least, we’d like to thank Sioen for his support and hope we get the same support from other artists (see 'Friends of DAA') and from our dear readers!  For anyone who would like to check out his music, take a look here.

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