Study reveals we need to start spending
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 17th of May 2010 03:58:43 PM

A Canadian math professor, Robert J. Smith, came up with a mathematical model that determined the spreading speed of HIV/AIDS across the world. The study - published in the journal BMC Public Health - examined the best way to fight HIV/AIDS.

Smith discovered that the best way to tackle this issue is by reducing the average infection rate. He calculated that if -on average- someone infects less than one person, the disease would go away on its own.


But how do you reduce the average infection rate of one person? Smith says it's easy: by spending the money that has been committed to the fight against AIDS much faster than plannend. Approximately $60 billion has been committed to fighting the disease, he said, but the plan is to spend that money gradually over the next 15 to 20 years.


The donor community doesn't want to spend the money all in once and they don't have any specific plans for spending this money. "The money is coming in faster than new cases are coming in, so we have the unique chance to get ahead of the epidemic. This is not going to last long."


According to Smith we need to start spending a hughe amount of money on education campaigns and condoms. The study showed that this is the most effective approach on local leve. By doing this we can create the infection rate of one person. If we wait to long travel and immigration will make it impossible to control the epidemic. People need to realize that HIV/AIDS isn't just a problem at a local level. It can infect you and your community as well. HIV doesn't respect border.


"If you want to eradicate it in Canada, you need to think of it in Africa. You can't just think of it as a Canadian problem."

Do this by supporting any HIV/AIDS charity and help us fight HIV/AIDS! 


Source: The Vancouver Sun



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