The Curious Case Of Mr. Cee
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 15th of May 2013 08:18:45 AM

Mr. Cee, a famous DJ from New York who works for Hot 97 Radio, has been recently arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer posing as a male prostitute in Brooklyn. This is the DJ's third time being arrested on (male) prostitution related charges in the last three years.
I find Mister Cee's story extremely interesting for several reasons. First of all, the DJ has always declared that the sex workers involved in these facts were not male. He is not gay, ok? Plus, four days ago Hot 97's published on its Youtube channel a video message by the DJ to promote safe sex and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an international organization active worldwide in the fight against HIV. He also talked about his personal story and, probably driven by the need to get clean in front of the public opinion, he admitted that his real problem is an addiction to prostitution.



Nearly a month ago several articles about the recent increase of HIV infections in Brooklyn were published. There is the suspicion that one of the main causes could be found in the black male population that hides their sexual orientation. Rings a bell? You're wrong! Mister Cee is not gay, nor bisexual! There is his version of the story.
We want to believe Mr. Cee and all the people that state being heterosexual despite facts could suggest differently - even if it sounds amazingly stupid. Gossip and defamation about sexual orientation are stigma-related aspects we have always refused and fought against. We respect privacy and we are not interested in anybody's personal life. We are just concerned about the effects of personal choices and patterns in the spreading of the disease. You know who you are, consequently you must be sincere just to yourself, your partner(s) and with any luck to your loved ones.



We have already talked about the evidences about the connection between homophobic societies and HIV infections: this is not just an African reality. Since sexual orientation is a private matter we can just rely on the personal judgement of the individuals and in their sense of responsibility, hoping that our work is able to make people stronger and able to change those conditions that are still working on the development of AIDS - also in those regions where you would think the plague is not a risk anymore.




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