The Power Of Social Media
Author: Dila Amalia
Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 10:58:03 AM
The use of internet and social media in Indonesia are high: almost all young people in Indonesia have at least one social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. With the high number of social media users in Indonesia, a documentary photographer named Andri Tambunan uses his Instagram account in a different way: as a platform to educate and giving useful information to his followers. Making his Instagram a social movement, Andri has a project about HIV/AIDS in Papua that he has been working on since 2009. Through his snapshots, he wants to minimize the public's stigma and discrimination towards HIV/AIDS. "I went down to Papua, taking photos of friends who are HIV positive but who live a healthy life; even though they live with HIV, they still have future. I share those stories through Instagram in the hope that it can give the right information to the public.” To see all his photos, you can visit his Instagram account: @andritambunan. You can also get more information about HIV/AIDS on our website, Twitter and Facebook page! Source:
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