Tickling With The New Durex Underwear
Author: M. G.
Friday 26th of April 2013 02:30:10 PM

Do you have a long distance relationship? Do you miss your partner's hands on your body? That's such a pity. Don't worry; Durex is working for you now! Durex Australia is proceeding with the final tests for its new erotic device, ‘Fundawear'. The concept is simple: vibrating underwear controlled by a smartphone app. Boxer for him, bra and slip for her. The feeling you are supposed to feel should be the same of a real touch, so as you wear your fancy undies and your partner can let you have a lot of fun even though the distance, just using a smartphone. Cool, uh?

It is not the first device that works in this way and, from now on, neither the last for sure. Durex knows how to sell and they do it good. The spot that is currently going viral presents a playful Skype video session between a couple – no, not the typical couple, they’re both so HOT – wearing just their Fundawear. I was extremely distracted by one of the two actors actually, I would be more curious to try those real hands than the Fundawear. I’m still waiting my career to boost for having a long working travel, but I can imagine I would miss that touch for sure in less than two days.


Finally, thanks Durex to think always out of the box, when sexual taboos or prejudices become a part of the designs of this brand it’s just because they are trying to ‘destroy’ them. I believe that DAA’s work and Durex’s have many similar features. If I had a chance I would love to work on a collaboration project, I have so many ideas in my mind, it would be amazing… let’s see!




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