U.S. Gay Donors Today In The Streets
Author: M. G.
Friday 12th of July 2013 02:25:41 PM

Do you remember when I wrote about the current ban for gay blood donors in the U.S. ? Today we are at the chapter two. LGBT activists have organized a 'National gay blood drive' to collect blood from healthy gay donors. In more than 50 cities, gays willing to be donors can go to specific locations, be tested for HIV and then donate blood for this good cause. We already know that all the units collected can not formally be accepted by the authorities because of the ban. Nevertheless it won't be a waste of blood, it will be a strong demonstration that will show how pointless is this old policy .

One of the event's organizers is Ryan James Yezak, a gay filmmaker who is not new in fighting for gay rights and against discrimination - he and his crew are also extremely active on YouTube with fun and entertaining videos about gay issues.



He was also the author of "Second Class Citizens" a documentary about discrimination based on the sexual orientation. The promotion of this documentary was also accompanied by an awareness campaign that used the Internet as well t-shirts and other media... smart guy Yezak, quite an interesting person...

Good luck guys, you have the DAA's support, be proud of it!






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