Uganda Introduces New Law Against Homosexuality
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 14th of November 2012 04:32:55 PM


You want a pony for Christmas? Or maybe a new DVD? Well, apparently an ideal ‘Christmas gift’ according to some people is to pass a law against homosexuality, at least as far as Uganda is concerned. They are planning on passing the law by the end of the year as a response – so they say- to the people demanding for tougher consequences for homosexual actions.  As is known, being gay is already illegal in Uganda but they were even considering the dead penalty for acting on it… Let’s hope they put that aside, no scratch that, let’s hope they put the whole antigay attitude aside because it is simply not acceptable. Thankfully the international community agrees with us, because most of the European countries threatened to cut off their aid programs for Uganda if they don’t respect gay rights. Let's see if they keep their promise!


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