University of Antwerp is working on a New HIV-Vaccin
Author: Sam Van Praet
Saturday 25th of February 2012 01:49:56 PM


The University of Antwerp has created a new HIV-Vaccin. It’s still in the beginners stage but it seems we’re starting to understand more and more about the virus. HIV doctor Erika Vliegen and her team at the Tropical Institute have officially proven that their new vaccin gets the immune system of the infected person to fight against the HIV virus. Of course this doesn’t mean that the disease has been conquered. For scientists this is a breaktrough, for the patients it’s still something to look forward to in the future. Now the method is going to be explored intensively-  for the vaccin to be sold in pharmacies, a few years of testing are necessary. As a HIV doctor, Erika wants to keep expressing that people should keep in mind that HIV still isn’t something to take lightly, so prevention is still the only cure!


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