Why Does Perez Hilton Advocate Unsafe Sex?
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Friday 9th of November 2012 07:16:58 PM

We were in for a shock today when Perez Hilton, known celebrity gossip blogger, backed up the opinion of the LA porn industry on the passing of Measure B. What is Measure B, you ask? Well, it’s a law requiring actors in adult movies to wear condoms while performing on set. It didn’t sit too well with the film producers of adult pleasure though, since they feel the interest in LA porn will drop when there’s a rubber standing between a couple enjoying themselves. Further more, they feel the law is rather unnecessary since they take care of their actors by having them checked on STD’s often enough to be safe during the sex scenes…

Perez Hilton agreed on this (rather ignorant) opinion by saying ‘Strict screening measures exist to ensure that no participants are infected with STDs! All this measure does, they say, is add (unnecessary) condoms!”

Well, let us tell you something, dear Perez: though STD tests are a good thing, did you know that when you get infected with HIV it doesn’t show up in the test results immediately? It can take up to 3 months before the HIV virus shows in your bloodstream and yet you are highly infectious already during that period of time. This fact may be a important thing to keep in mind for the porn industry when thinking that banning condoms will increase their profit…unless they don't give a shit about the health of their actors and just keep their eyes on the porn dollars. We think Measure B is a GOOD thing, as it shows that the people who voted think of condom use as normal, which is what it should be. And if you want to watch one of those glorious LA porn movies, I bet that a bit of latex won’t stop your enjoyment- or would it? What about you, Perez?

Read the story here: http://perezhilton.com/2012-11-07-porn-legislature-condom-required#.UJviN4VRuJg

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