HIV (the Human Immunodeficiency Virus): 
Since it is known that nowadays social media has been used by prostitutes to negotiate and doing transactions for their work, the Governor of Jakarta Mr. 
I arrived in Bali on 3rd of May, which means my adventure will soon begin with Designers against Aids, creating the new social media platform Indonesia against Aids! 
Festival season is kicking off for real, so we made a great selection of must-have festival goodies for him & her in our online store. 
That AIDS doesn't feature highly on people's agendas anymore is a well-known fact -resulting in more and more HIV infections, as the correct information about HIV prevention isn't getting out to the general public much anymore.
I'm well aware of the fact that most people don't know enough about the issue (and frankly, they don't seem to care either), so I wasn't really surprised when I read in a Flemish newspaper today that 6 out of 10 Belgians have no idea how they can 'get AIDS' (the correct wording of course should be how they can 'get HIV'): 
Today two girls of the United International Business School in Antwerp came to the education center. 
We can't thank Marc Jacobs, Love magazine, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Cara Delevingne enough for the event on Valentine's day. 
Last Saturday was Valentine’s Day and we were thrilled: 
Just as we thought the best part was over, we started up our computers today and discovered a small movie that had been made at Bookmarc, starring all the models from last Saturday's signing. 
On February 14, Marc Jacobs' Bookmarc store in NYC was the place to be: 
During the 36th meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, held in December 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, spoke to Joel Goldman, the Managing Director of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), about how HIV programmes funded by private foundations are contributing to ending the AIDS epidemic, the work done by ETAF and the future of the AIDS response.
What is the goal of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation?
"ETAF is a nonprofit organization established by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991 to raise awareness and funds to respond to AIDS and to grant assistance to people living with HIV. 
New AIDS cases are spiking in China.
China’s health officials reported 104.000 new HIV/AIDS infections in China in 2014, according to China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency, citing Wang Guoqiang, vice head of the official National Health and Family Planning Commission. 
As Ebola — a disease that, as of going to press, had been verified as the cause of one death in the United States— dominates newscasts around the country, few mainstream media outlets even bother covering HIV or AIDS anymore. 
The Eastpak Artist Studio x DAA auction has gone into its final day, ending on December 21st. 
Back in 1985, the UN declared December 5th as International Volunteer Day. 
For Worlds AIDS Day, Kanye West, U2, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen and Carrie Underwood performed in New York City’s Times Square to support the annual (RED) concert.

Kanye West performed a nine-minute show in the rain, which included some of his hits like “Jesus Walks,” “Touch The Sky,” “Power,” and “Black Skinhead.”

Fans are still waiting for Kanye’s upcoming album ‘Yeezus’ -meanwhile you can listen to Kanye’s latest work on Tyga’s “40 Mill” and Pusha T’s “Lunch Money.”

Watch Kanye West permormance here. 
Charity organization Sentebale -co-founded by prince Harry in Lesotho in 2006, after traveling around the African country and seeing the problems of children affected and/or orphaned by AIDS himself- is carrying out the campaign #FeelNoShame on World AIDS Day.

Sharing secrets, Prince Harry and several other famous figures such as Nicole Scherzinger, Gemma Arterton, Ricky Tomlinson, Joss Stone, Jools Holland, Paloma Faith and Ralph Little aim to raise awareness about the stigma and shame which still prevents many HIV sufferers worldwide from speaking out and seeking support. 
AIDS in New York in the 80s is the theme of a new book of Tommaso Speretta called 'Rebel Rebel - AIDS, art and activism in New York, 1979-1989', a complete reconstruction of footage that analyzes in depth the historical facts and collective reactions to an unknown plague, which put the crisis in American society. 
We have teamed up with HEWI, an international platform for selling and buying luxury designer items for much less. 
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