'HIV Hop' against AIDS Video Does Away With A Few Misconceptions- The Fun Way
Author: Veronica Radicati
Sunday 13th of January 2013 04:16:04 PM


Hip-Hopping against AIDS gets its own musical genre as the Centre for HIV & Sexual Health of Sheffield (UK) presents this clever HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign and music video: 'HIV Hop'.  
The campaign, which was developed as a local public awareness campaign aimed at reducing stigma and misconceptions around HIV transmission in the Sheffield community, has gone worldwide since its online launch earlier this month and is spreading fast.

According to HIV Hop, the concept of their video/campaign is simply that of setting the HIV/AIDS facts straight and clearly stating (rapping) the ways the virus can't be transmitted and "addressing common myths and misconceptions that may be relevant to how both the general public and professionals interact with people living with HIV".
To watch the video/campaign click here: http://youtu.be/QeZxObTjIBo

For further information, visit The HIV Hop Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TheHIVHop

-La Vero


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