"Make Love With" ...
Author: Niki Kro
Friday 16th of November 2012 06:42:11 PM

Wanna feel less guilty while you shop? Since they say giving is better than receiving here's a good way to give while you get some...cool clothes that is ;-) As part of the campaign "Make Love With", launched by the Italian clothing brand OVS and UNAIDS, eleven young designers --and offspring of top designers such as Gucci and Versace-- created an exclusive collection of tops and t-shirts. The campaign aims to raise both awareness and funds for the UNAIDS goal for "Zero new infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths". The money raised will support the work of UNAIDS in improving HIV treatment and prevention. The collection will be launched in trendy Milan on November 27th and will be available worldwide in stores and online (http://www.ovs.it/makelovewith). And for those of you that can't make it to Italy, special events will also be organized in OVS stores in Russia, India and China. Meanwhile you can click here to sneak a peek at what's coming soon: http://youtu.be/9CSyumLzTB8

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