Bas Kosters To Present Fashion For Life!
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 19th of June 2012 05:23:17 PM

News just reached us that notorious Dutch fashion designer and longtime DAA supporter/collaborator Bas Kosters will present the Fashion for Life event/ DAA fundraiser at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam on June 15th and he will also play a DJ set with his team afterwards! We couldn't be more delighted, as Bas is our kind of guy: colourful, cheeky, immensely talented and with the proverbial heart of gold. You can read about his work here: ; the penis legging on the photo (by Studio 13 Amsterdam), worn with aplomb by Sofia Valentine, is one of his most recent and very popular designs, with people worldwide trying to get their hands on them- and we can see why! They were sold out for a while but Bas has restocked his webshop, so spend, spend spend! But please leave some money for DAA when you come to celebrate with us at Fashion for Life- it IS a charity event, after all.



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