Boycott Against Sochi And Russian Vodka
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 8th of October 2013 03:52:39 PM

Less than 20 weeks before the kick-off of the Winter Olympics in Sochi and things still look the same in regards to the infamous anti-gay laws in Russia.
This time, Sergey Markov, a Russian political scientist, journalist and social activist has had his say in regards to the LGBT hate wave that started earlier this year.
According to Pink News, Markov told BBC 5 Radio Live that he supported the anti-gay laws because that was the only way to protect children from being influenced by the ‘disease', calling being gay that way because apparently this is something we can get ‘cured' of with ‘special medicine' to ‘help' us become normal people again.
He added that the threat of the boycott planned for the Olympics is not likely to happen and that most politicians are also totally against it.
Another new move that has just made Russian authorities be even more hated by the LGBT community was that at this point Swedish couples (straight or not) were no longer allowed to adopt Russian children as they have now legalised equal marriage in their country. Politician Vitaly Milonov has apparently stated that homosexuals are ‘perverts' and that Russian children are safer in orphanages than home with an homosexual couple because all they want to do with them when they adopt is to rape them.
The promotion of the so-called ‘non-traditional relationships', such as the well-known gay pride festivals are officially banned in Russia and every day, new reasons come up that wind up the most radical and conservative personalities in the country.
The rainbow colours painted on the nails of an athlete during the 2013 World Championships in Moscow, the fact that the poor Tchaikovsky, who was openly gay wasn't in fact gay anymore (according to ‘new research') or if you openly declare you're homosexual you'll be fired from your workplace at a hypersonic speed before all the fingers turn to your boss and colleagues for allegedly supporting you and therefore being under risks of ‘contracting and spreading your disease'. Any of these reasons are headlines on newspapers.
Let's hope for the positive progress of these events. Let's be optimistic and believe that one day traditions will no longer establish the rules of self-expression and Russian government will finally start to mind their own business and leave everybody alone in their basic right to choose what they are - and what to love.
I'm going to share a video about something totally unrealistic said about gay people.
Oh damn, it's been removed.
Instead, I'll put a video of Putin on a unicorn. Click here and share if you like it!
As a conclusion of what's happening, see this video.

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