Cuddles Blow The Alpha Male's Myth Away
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 10th of June 2014 04:01:51 PM

This is the second time that we report you the name of Durham University researcher Prof. Mark McCormack. Some weeks ago we joined his call for a new way of looking at sexual education in schools, since, in McCormack's opinion, young adults should be educated not only about what concerns the mere act of sex but should fully understand the effects of sexuality on our emotions, on how we relate with each other and how society is evolving.
Nevertheless, another important fact pointed out by Prof. McCormack is that homophobia is changing and the main reason is because straight males are now different: after having conducted a study in three British high-schools, he found out that young heterosexual males are way more inclusive and emotionally open to other males than you would expect.
Another study by Eric Anderson together with McCormack, was conducted in sports classes at the University of Winchester and it showed "the prevalence of homosocial tactility and the contemporary status and meaning of heteromasculinity among British male youth". translated this apparently difficult study in a couple of quite effective posts that talk about how heterosexual young males like receiving cuddles from their peers. Nearly 93% of male athletes surveyed said they've enjoyed cuddling and/or spooning with male friends on a regular basis and - better yet - don't understand why American bros don't cuddle more often. Of the 40 participants surveyed, 39 also revealed that they've shared a bed with another man since starting college. "There is a generational effect here: older men who grew up in the 1980s may still feel the need to present a very straight version of themselves, but more positive attitudes toward homosexuality in contemporary culture mean that younger men are simply less concerned about how other people view their behaviors".
We are still talking about a small portion of society, in fact the study only covered 18 and 19-year-old white, middle-income college students, when we all know that this is not the way things go in many other European and not European countries.
However, we now know that homophobia and gay-paranoia aren't a problem in the same way they were in the past, the traditional dumb cult of masculinity is losing power and this give us many hopes about the future. Do you need another proof?

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