DAA in Nylon Indonesia
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 14th of July 2011 11:28:27 AM

As many among you know, DAA went to Bali in May to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in this paradise on earth- which has a very dark side indeed, with new HIV infections rising at an alarming rate- simply because talking about (safe) sex just isn't done there.

Not by locals and expats and certainly not by tourists- after all, they're on holiday and they want to enjoy themselves!

We organized a fashion photo shoot and interviews about HIV/AIDS and safe sex with young people who live or holiday in Bali and organized the huge fund- and awareness raiser 'Bring Safe Sexy Back' in the new W Hotel Retreat & Spa, benefitting local charity Bali Kids (www.balikids.org). We heard that the next fundraiser for Bali Kids at W will take place on August 17 and they want to make it an annual event now.

Many local media and bloggers reported about our work in Bali and today we received the July issue of Nylon Indonesia, who devoted a whole spread to our work, with amazing images. Thank you Nylon- and thank you to all those wonderful people in Bali who helped us get the word out!


Nylon photoshoot

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