Dinosaurs Getting Jiggy With It– Did DAA Inspire The Jurassic Museum In Asturias?
Author: M. G.
Friday 19th of July 2013 04:47:11 PM

If you go to the Jurassic Museum of Asturias in Spain, one of the pieces you will find the most impressive will be the couple of Tyrannosaurus' skeletons. The museum did not decide to exhibit the same old T-Rexs showing all their teeth, but you can admire this couple of prehistoric animals in the position of mating. Genius. The funniest thing is that there's not enough evidence that can prove that this was how dino's had sex, so scientists have developed different theories concerning this interesting subject.



No matter what the right one is (how will they find out anyway?), we like the choice of the Asturias Museum, that follows a theory that simply says: "If large animals that belong to the same family of dinosaurs have penises and copulate, their ancestors had the same organs and sexual habits".




We also want to add a new question to the discussion: what about the fact that Bernhard Willhelm designed a T-shirt with copulating dinosaurs for Designers Against AIDS in 2005? This t-shirt was extremely popular in Spain at the time. Was/is there a connection? Enquiring minds want to know!






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