February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 15th of January 2010 10:43:03 AM

African Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS: although compromising only 13% of the US population, more than 49% of new AIDS cases are African American men and women. AIDS is now the leading cause of death for African American women aged 25 to 34. AIDS is the second leading cause of death for African American men aged 35 to 44.


February 7th is National BLACK HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and 2010's theme is "HIV/AIDS Prevention - A Choice and A Lifestyle".

Almost 10 years old, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was founded by five national organizations (USA) funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1999 to provide capacity building assistance to African American communities and organizations. The founding five organizations are: Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia; Health Watch Information and Promotion Services, Inc.; Jackson State University - Mississippi Urban Research Center; National Black Alcoholism and Addictions Council; and National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS.


How can you participate in creating a world that's free of AIDS?

  • Be sure of your AIDS status. Get tested!
  • Practice safe sex. Use one!
  • Create your own fundraiser for HIV/AIDS and donate the money to an AIDS charity
  • Launch a campaign for your favorite charity
  • Get involved or host an event for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in your community.

For more information check out www.blackaidsday.org


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