Franca Rame, Actress and Activist against AIDS
Author: M. G.
Thursday 30th of May 2013 05:34:55 PM

Today's entry is dedicated to Franca Rame, a high profile Italian public figure, who passed away just yesterday. I know she is probably not known internationally, but the world of theatre has just lost one of its brightest stars. Many will miss her personality, her life and especially her art. She dedicate her life to the theatre and her career will always be related to that of her husband Dario Fo - 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature - who owes a lot of his success to his beloved Franca. Mrs. Rame was also member of the Italian Senate for two years until 2008 when she left her seat saying " [the political system seems to be deaf] to any kind of new perspective, proposal, suggestion from the outside world, i.e. not from a party or an interested and organized group of the parliament". Her intellectual freedom and pragmatism were incompatible with Italian politics and politicians.



Last but not least, that same year she also engaged in the fight against HIV and AIDS, ‘adopting' an Italian researcher who was conducting research on the virus. Thanks to the 100.000€ the actress donated to Pavia's National Center for Research (CNR), it was possible to continue an important work that otherwise would have been interrupted for lack of funding. Today, on the CNR's website, we can read these words: "Franca Rame wanted to bet on that work and she primarily believed in that young researcher, in her passion and commitment... with her help it was possible to offer safety and perspectives to a young brilliant and deserving woman". Mrs. Rame was more than formidable, actress; she was a brave woman, she fought with determination, boldness and dignity for what she believed was right and her memory will surely inspire many of us.
Rest in peace Franca.





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