Introducing The Dutch Kiss (French Kissing Is So 2013)
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 12th of February 2014 02:43:31 PM

Valentine’s Day is coming close, so here’s another brilliant campaign for you guys to check out! That there are different kissing types, everyone knows: the angry kiss, the official kiss ( the King of Belgium is a pro in this category) and of course the well-practiced French kiss. But have you ever heard of the Dutch kiss? Nope, nothing to do with legal weed, but everything to do with tolerance.  The definition: a kiss that can be exchanged at anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Dutch NGO AIDS Fonds asks everybody who believes that love is a fundamental right to share their Dutch Kiss video.

Bottom line? We have to act now! Because every day denying gay rights threatens access to health care and increases the risk of new HIV infections. Not just for Valentine’s Day but everyday: spread love (or the Dutch kiss), not HIV.

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