Models Fighting Against HIV/AIDS On The Streets In India
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Friday 26th of April 2013 04:02:12 PM


The 11 models from Brazil, Maldova, Russia and Ukraine arrived yesterday afternoon in Imphal, capital od Manipur (India) for a fashion show this weekend and walked down Imphal streets for a bigger cause — the prevention of HIV/ AIDS. Wearing casual jeans and sleeveless T shirts, the models distributed fliers nearly half-an-hour at crowded main market in the town- Paona Bazar- and attracted a large crowd at the two imamarkets (women’s markets).

“We feel sad that Manipur is facing a problem with HIV/AIDS. So we want to make people aware of the problem and we are happy to contribute to the fight against AIDS,” Patricia Goncalves Silva, a well-known Brazilian model, told reporters. She also expressed concern at reports of increasing crimes against women in India.

The fliers were prepared by the Manipur AIDS Control Society, which is one of the sponsors of the fashion show - Elegance of the Indigenous - to be held tomorrow at Imphal’s open-air theatre. The flier, Uniting Manipur against AIDS, gives a brief account of the HIV/AIDS situation in Manipur and information on how to prevent the spread of the disease. It sais that in this Indian state of 6,69,044 blood samples screened till December last year, 42,361 tested positive, including 11,878 women and 2,780 children.

The fashion show is being organised by an Imphal-based fashion organisation, Blue Wings, with support from the state government.

We ourselves are combining the fashion and spreading awareness on HIV AIDS, so we completely encourage and value initiatives like this one!


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